The Key to Staying Engaged at Work

engaged at work

Staying engaged at work can be challenging. This is especially true if you’ve been in your role for significant about of time.

Having a motivation strategy can help you increase engagement in your work. This helps elevate your productivity and performance. The better you perform, the happier your manager should be. This can create a cycle of ongoing engagement for continuously high performance.

Discover eight ways to maintain engagement while working.

1. Contribute During Meetings 

Before you participate in a meeting, write down two or three ideas about the agenda items that you want to share. Discussing your thoughts helps develop the ideas you and your teammates come up with. This helps you stay engaged while developing the company’s success.

2. Break Down Bigger Projects 

Separate your long-term projects into small steps. Simplifying the process makes it easier to accomplish your objectives. Managing your tasks can help you stay engaged and productive.

3. Prioritize Tasks 

Make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish throughout the day. Then, decide which tasks are most urgent. Schedule them for the morning. Next, determine when your other tasks should be finished. Schedule them accordingly. Be sure to include breaks and flexibility for interruptions and unexpected events. Knowing what you want to achieve each day helps you stay engaged in your tasks.

4. Take Breaks 

Schedule regular breaks throughout your day. This includes 10- to 15-minute breaks every few hours and an hour for lunch. Eat healthy foods, take a walk, or talk with coworkers who are on break. Meditate, read a book, or listen to music. You should come back refreshed and ready to engage.

5. Implement Feedback 

Apply constructive feedback to your work performance. This gives you something to focus on throughout the day. It also provides motivation to hold yourself accountable for your actions. As a result, you should stay engaged in your work.

6. Request Challenges 

Ask your manager to assign you tasks that are outside your typical work duties. This may include working on a stretch assignment, leading a team meeting, or cross-training in a different role. Increasing your responsibilities helps develop your skill set and leadership abilities. It also helps maintain engagement in your work.

7. Learn from a Mentor 

Ask a company leader to mentor you. They may discuss your projects or offer you training to improve your work performance. The leader also might answer your questions and provide advice to enhance your knowledge and skill set. Their input can help elevate your work engagement and career path.

8. Reward Yourself 

Create a reward system for accomplishing your objectives. You may want to set the frequency as daily, weekly, or monthly. Your rewards might include watching a favorite television show, purchasing a desired item, or dining at nice restaurant. Recognizing your accomplishments helps maintain engagement at work.

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