How to Talk to Your Employer About Safety Concerns

If you notice an un-addressed safety hazard—it’s up to you to say something. Ignoring it could put you or a coworker in danger, or much worse. Sometimes, there are safety protocols in place so you can fix the situation yourself, such as putting up an orange cone to alerts others to a wet, slippery floor. However, even if you’re able to temporarily remove the hazard, it’s still a good idea to alert your supervisor or boss. This way, they’re aware of the potential for an unsafe situation and can take steps to prevent it in the future.  

How to alert your boss about safety hazards 

When you notice something unsafe, what should you do? Follow these steps: 

1. Follow your usual chain of command.

When it comes to rules and protocols already in place, who is the first person to contact? Most safety procedures outline the steps you should take in case of a dangerous situation. Follow these steps to alert the correct person. This could be your supervisor, a safety officer, or someone else.  

2. Don’t go over the person’s head when reporting.

Always give the appointed safety contact the chance to respond to your concern. Report to them first as the first person in charge. Give them a chance to react and respond.  

3. Notify someone else on your team.

You might have a coworker who knows a lot about safety procedures in your company, and who will know what to do. If you can’t get immediately in touch with the right contact, consult your coworker. Together, you can formulate a plan until you’re able to notify the proper safety contact.  

4. Present a solution, not just a problem.

This is especially true if you’re bringing a safety to concern to your supervisor or boss. Simply presenting a problem can be frustrating. But presenting a problem with a possible solution (if it’s a recurring problem, or one that doesn’t currently have a formal safety procedure) is a more positive way to handle any situation.  

Do you regularly feel unsafe at your job? 

Safety concerns should be addressed and handled by someone in charge at your place of employment. But if you feel unsafe on a regular basis, that can be a cause of concern. And if it’s time to find a new job, it helps to work with a recruiter. HireCall can help! To learn more about our open job opportunities, contact us today!