Back to Basics: Job Search Tips to Remember

When looking online for job search tips, there’s plenty of information available. You don’t have to spend much time finding suggestions for how to proceed.

However, the volume of job search information can make you feel overwhelmed. Also, some of the information may contradict what you read elsewhere.

Rather than get bogged down by the loads of information, it may be best to stay with the basics. Following a short list of job search suggestions can make the process much easier.

Implement these tips to simplify your job search.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile 

Keep the information on your LinkedIn profile current. This includes your latest job title, skills, experience, projects, accomplishments, awards, and certifications.

Show you are a direct match for the job you want. Be as polished, articulate, and professional as possible. This increases your odds of being contacted for an interview.   


Talk with the members of your network about your job search. Let them know exactly what you are looking for. Include how your knowledge, skills, and experience make you well-equipped for the job.

The majority of jobs go unadvertised. This means you may uncover openings that most candidates don’t know about. If so, ask your connection to refer you to the hiring manager. This increases your odds of landing the job. Be sure to thank your connections and offer to help them in return.

Schedule Informational Interviews 

Set up a short amount of time to talk with employees in similar jobs at the companies you want to work for. Find out what they like best about the organization and their job. Learn about the culture, performance expectations, and measurements of success.

Use what you learn to determine whether to apply for a job. If you like what you found out, ask whether the employee will recommend you to the hiring manager. Otherwise, move on to another opportunity.

Show You Fit the Requirements 

Make it obvious that you meet the majority of job qualifications. Keep in mind that the professional skimming your resume likely doesn’t understand the nuances of the job. As a result, you want to clarify that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to fulfill the job duties and responsibilities.

Be sure to use the job description and any related information to determine which details to include in your resume. Also, mirror the keywords and phrases in the job description. This shows you have the skills and accomplishments that are most important for success.

Send a Thank You

Follow up with each interviewer by emailing a short thank-you note. Share that you appreciate the interviewer’s time and enjoyed talking with them. Include three main topics you covered and why you’re the best candidate for the job.

This helps the interviewer remember what you talked about. It also points out why you should move forward in the hiring process.

Work with a Recruiter

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