Is Guilt Taking a Toll on Your Work?

Increasing your productivity is an admirable goal. However, it can lead to guilt and take a toll on your work.

Trying to accomplish more each day might mean taking away time for much-needed breaks. If unexpected circumstances arise, you might be consistently behind with your scheduled tasks. As a result, you might experience feelings of guilt rather than accomplishment.

Of course, you should not feel guilty about the work you do not have time to finish. Instead, you should feel proud of what you accomplished. These suggestions can help.

Pay attention to these signs indicating guilt is taking a toll on your work:

You Rarely Take Breaks Throughout the Day

Sitting at your desk for the entire day is counterproductive to increasing efficiency. This is especially true if you are skipping lunch to finish more work.

You cannot produce more without taking breaks and eating healthy foods. Your brain needs time to rest and recharge. This helps maintain physical and mental stamina to perform your best.

Take 10- to 15-minute breaks away from your desk every few hours. Go for a walk, stretch, or meditate. Or read a book, listen to music, or talk with coworkers on break. It would be best if you came back refreshed and ready to produce.

You Avoid Asking for Help

Determining to accomplish more does not mean you can do it all alone. Unexpected circumstances likely will reduce the time available to complete your tasks. This can cause guilt and take a toll on your work.

Conversely, delegating some tasks or asking for favors increases satisfaction with your results. You can offer to reciprocate when your schedule allows.

You Compare Yourself to Others

Seeing what others accomplish and wondering why you do not measure up is ineffective. Feeling guilty about not achieving what others do can reduce the amount of work you complete. As a result, you might feel even worse for not reaching your daily objectives.

Instead, remind yourself that other people’s circumstances are different from yours. Therefore, no comparison is equal or valid.

Everyone has different strengths. As a result, everyone accomplishes things at different rates. Therefore, be proud of your achievements because they make you stand out.

Is It Time to Find a New Job?

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