Winning Over Talent

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Winning over talent during the Great Resignation is increasingly challenging. Many employees leave their jobs for opportunities that align with their values and lifestyles.

Employees expect a personalized experience that meets their needs throughout their careers. As a result, employers must provide an exceptional employee experience throughout hiring, onboarding, training, employee development, and succession planning.

Implement these tips to start winning over talent today.

Improve Your Hiring Process

Many candidates turn down job offers based on the quality of the hiring process. This is especially true if employer communication is minimal or delayed, there is little transparency in the selection criteria, or the interviews take too long.

As a result, you can win over talent by speeding up your hiring process:

  • Clarify the skills, experience, and other qualifications you seek in a candidate.
  • Have no more than three rounds of interviews.
  • Respond to each candidate within two weeks of each interview.
  • Provide job offers within 10 to 20 days from the application date.

Engage with New Hires Before Day 1

Many candidates who accept job offers will not appear on the first day. They may work for other employers offering more attractive compensation, benefits, and perks.

You can increase the likelihood of having your new hires show up on Day 1 by maintaining engagement from their time of application to their first day of work:

  • Provide a status update within three weeks of an interview.
  • Begin sending new hire paperwork after receiving an accepted job offer.
  • Regularly check in to see if your new hires have any questions before they begin working.

Offer Contract Work

According to a 2022 Gallup poll, 64% of respondents said higher compensation and more valuable benefits were significant when choosing a job. Sixty-one percent said that more excellent work-life balance and overall well-being were essential.

As a result, many candidates prefer to work as independent contractors rather than full-time employees. Taking on short-term contracts provides greater control and predictability with the type of work, compensation, and growth opportunities.

Winning over talent by offering contract work increases the agility of your workforce. You can bring aboard contractors during increased workloads or provide specialized project skills. When these workers are no longer needed, they can move on to contract with other companies.

Offering contract work provides access to the best talent while reducing costs and risks. Because a staffing firm employs independent contractors, you pay only for services used.

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