How to Talk to Your Employer About Safety Concerns

If you notice an un-addressed safety hazard—it’s up to you to say something. Ignoring it could put you or a coworker in danger, or much worse. Sometimes, there are safety protocols in place so you can fix the situation yourself, such as putting up an orange cone to alerts others to a wet, slippery floor. […]

How to Improve Your Team’s Safety Awareness

Your safety policies and procedures keep your employees out of harm’s way. But beyond following the rules, it’s also a good idea for employees to be aware of situations that can put themselves or others in danger. The term safety awareness refers to employees making a habit of identifying unsafe conditions and considering what to […]

Employees Should Know These Four Workplace Safety Tips

No matter where you work, there are always steps you can take to keep yourself safe. When you’re aware of these safety concerns, you’ll have a much easier, healthier and pleasant workplace experience, regardless of what that workplace may be!   Four workplace safety tips  While going about your day, following a few easy processes will […]