How to Demonstrate Your Added Value at Work to an Employer

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How you demonstrate your added value at work to your next employer matters. They want to know how your efforts and results benefitted other companies and how you can benefit their organization.

Providing specific examples of what you contributed, how you went about it, and how it impacted the organization shows an employer your added value at work. Including quantified values of your contributions emphasizes the progress you created for the company.

Demonstrating your added value at work shows an employer how you would be an asset to their company. This increases your odds of moving forward in the hiring process.

Implement these tips to demonstrate your added value at work to an employer.

Consider How Value Is Defined

Think about how your current and previous employers define “value.” These definitions vary by role, manager, company, and other factors. Understanding what matters most to a position, manager, and organization lets you clarify how your work contributed to these objectives.

Write Down Your Accomplishments

Use your definitions of success in your current and previous roles to list your relevant achievements. Include the recognition and awards you received because of your hard work. You can use this information to share concrete examples of how you added value at work.

Quantify Your Achievements

Find ways to measure your success in your current and previous positions. This may include a specific increase in efficiency, revenue, or profits or a decrease in costs. Numbers provide context for how your accomplishments added value at work.

Demonstrate Value in Your Cover Letter and Resume

Share in your cover letter one or two stories that demonstrate your relevant work accomplishments. Also, relate one or two stories illustrating the essential skills mentioned in the job description.

Highlight your added value in the Work Experience section of your resume. Include bullet points of two or three relevant accomplishments for each employer. Quantify how you added value for previous employers and can do the same for your next employer.

Use Value-Related Keywords

Include throughout your cover letter and resume active verbs that demonstrate your added value at work. Examples include:

  • Created
  • Generated
  • Negotiated
  • Saved
  • Developed
  • Increased
  • Decreased
  • Launched
  • Improved
  • Achieved
  • Recognized
  • Awarded

Show Your Value During a Job Interview

Prepare to demonstrate your added value at work while answering interview questions. Use your list of accomplishments and the information included in your cover letter and resume as a basis for your answers.

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