Quiet Quitting: Attitude Is Everything

Quiet quitting involves doing the bare minimum to keep a job. This has become more popular due to increasing employer demands without increasing pay. Employees are struggling to maintain boundaries between work and their personal lives.

Gallup found that likely more than half the US workforce is engaged in quiet quitting. Most employees are disengaged or actively disengaged in their work.

Checking out is a form of quiet quitting. This negative, passive-aggressive behavior involves doing the bare minimum while being paid the bare minimum.

Going on a partial strike is another form of quiet quitting. This involves not producing outside of office hours or the job description.

Taking charge is a third form of quiet quitting. This approach asserts control and choice for rebalancing the employment relationship.

Quiet quitting does not benefit anyone. There are more effective ways to enhance your job satisfaction.

Consider doing the following if you are thinking about engaging in quiet quitting.

Strengthen Work Friendships

Build camaraderie and support with colleagues and coworkers to make work more engaging. This helps promote workplace change.

Show Initiative

Find opportunities to create value for the company. Taking ownership promotes work engagement.

Enforce Boundaries

Talk with your manager about your boundaries and expectations. Direct communication more effectively leads to desired change than passive-aggressive actions.

Stay Positive

Set your boundaries in terms of the work you perform. Emphasize the value you provide by carrying out your core duties and responsibilities.

Emphasize Your Outcomes

Focus on your productivity and value in terms of results. Your accomplishments are more important than the number of hours or effort you put in.

Focus on Solutions

Find ways to increase your value to the organization that makes you feel satisfied, respected, and well-compensated. Your employer should be pleased with your outcomes and willing to pay you for the value you provide.

Start Your Job Search

If you want to quit your job, update your resume and begin networking. Include a local staffing agency that specializes in your industry.

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