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We started out wanting to make a difference. We dreamed of helping others secure good jobs, and trusted we would find them careers in the process. Way back in 1996, these were some of our guiding principles as we entered the staffing business. Since that time, much has changed about how we do what we do, but not why. We love the satisfaction of pairing the right person, with the perfect opportunity from a great company.

At HireCall, we believe in helping others experience the power of employment. We are a full-service staffing company offering temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire placements. Along with this, we also offer a wide range of human resource services including background screening, skill and job-fit testing, training, payrolling, and risk management. Our systems are powerful and really easy to use.

Our business has led us into more than 12 states. We are currently working on expanding, by placing new offices in areas of need. If you need what we do, or want to join our team, reach out and make the HireCall.


Our President Dan RobertsMeet the President

For close to 25 years, our President, Dan Roberts, has been building companies and leading organizations that impact the world. Adept at developing others, teaching leadership and fueling innovation that drives business he is an investor in people and celebrates the dividends.

Starting from nothing, he elevated his business to levels of great success. During his career, Dan has helped well over a million people get jobs. His professional influence reaches far with active business relationships in all 50 states and inspiration that crosses national borders. Much of his success can be directly attributed to the great people and teams he assembles, the most notable being his wife and business partner, Nancy. Dan always has a great story to tell. He can be found musing about things ranging from his childhood fear of sharks to people he has met along his journey. Some tales are silly and evoke laughter while others motivate the listener to strive to be great.

One can always find him tinkering with something. He is a builder that never rests, an intellect that never stops thinking, an explorer that knows no bounds and jokester that loves to laugh. He sees those younger than him as the future and relentlessly invests in them. Although called upon to lead, Dan is happy to stand in the shadows but his leadership and values are always shining through.

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Job Seekers

Are You Looking for a Better Life?

Whether you are shifting careers, or finding yourself unemployed; HireCall can help you land the right job, with the right company. We will assess your experience, background, skill, and past performance as ways to help gauge the best opportunities possible. We love it when you succeed.

We are constantly looking for Office, Healthcare and Industrial professionals that are driven to be the best. If you have a great attitude and are willing to learn, we will do our best to put you to work. HireCall works hard for our customers, and invites you to do the same. We are not just an average staffing company. We are passionate about helping others find work.

Apply today and let our team help you take the next step in discovering the power of employment.  When you work for HireCall, you will enjoy our:

  • Online Paperless Application
  • Skill-Testing & Video Interview
  • Dedicated Staffing Managers
  • Online Applicant Access
  • Online Time Card
  • Direct Deposit Paychecks
  • Payroll Debit Cards
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From insurance companies, financial institutions, call centers, government agencies, to anything that has an office, we help you build a career and develop opportunities in the office industry.



We have been helping individuals land a great career in the health care industry for over 20 years. We offer jobs that serve individual physicians offices, medical practice groups, surgery and specialty centers and hospitals.



Ranging from warehouse positions to welders to assemblers and much more, our industrial staffing managers are ready to help you to get hired with the right company. Whether you are entry level or highly qualified we can help you.


Community Service Provided by HireCall


Power Your Business Better

You can imagine the ideal applicant to fill the position in your company. The issue is you do not have the time or resources to find that person. With HireCall, you can be sure we will find that person for you, always providing a great employee for your company.

It could be a one-time need, or a continuous flow of open positions. Either way, each applicant receives the same level of review. We handle the entire recruiting, screening, testing, hiring, payrolling, and human resource needs for the duration of your contract with a specific applicant. This helps you eliminate the expensive mistake of a bad hire.

We are dedicated to finding you the right applicant, which means we have invested in the right tools to help you in the applicant process. Our online, web-based system is not only easy to use, but you can also access it no matter where you are. Just log in to the secure client portal, and you will see all the information regarding your applicant and where HireCall is in the hiring process.

You can view any open positions not yet filled, how many hours an applicant has been with you, past invoices, any payments applied to your account, multiple reports, and any applicants that we’ve submitted for your open positions.

Our client portal keeps you connected with us during every step of the process, without having to wait for a phone or email update. Everything is at your fingertips, with an added bonus that a staffing manager is still only a phone call away.


If you are looking for an office worker to bring value to your business, letĀ our Office staffing managersĀ find you the perfect candidate that exceeds your expectations.



With over 17 years of staffing experience in a broad array of medical divisions, our Healthcare staffing managers are established names in the medical industry.



We have learned the industry inside and out, and possess the necessary amount of skill and knowledge to properly provide the best possible candidates to your company.



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