Keep the Talent Flame Burning: Five Essential Tips for Workforce Retention

Smiling mature businessman sitting with colleagues in an office

Keeping the talent flame burning can be challenging. Not every employee will stay with your company for as long as you want. Keeping the talent flame burning helps reduce your hiring, onboarding, and costs. This process also elevates employee engagement, performance, and productivity. The results include stronger job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention […]

Balancing Act: Navigating the Return-to-Office Challenge to Maintain Employee Engagement

Navigating the return-to-office challenge can be difficult. Most employees prefer the flexibility of working remotely. Many employers are enforcing return-to-office mandates to maintain employee engagement. However, getting employees on board remains challenging. Fortunately, employers can take steps to navigate the return-to-office challenge to maintain employee engagement. These methods can help. Follow these guidelines to navigate […]