Crafting a Resume for the Modern Age: Tips and Tricks for the Digital Era

Crafting a Resume for the Modern Age: Tips and Tricks for the Digital Era

Crafting your resume for the modern age helps your information enter an applicant tracking system (ATS) database. The software sorts and organizes resumes to determine which ones go to the hiring team. Optimizing your resume for an ATS increases the odds of the hiring team looking over your resume. As a result, you could be […]

Tech Talent Trailblazing: Navigating 2024’s Trends for Hiring

Navigating 2024’s trends for hiring tech talent can be challenging. As the industry continues to evolve, so do the skills required for companies to stay competitive. Due to the expense, relevant skills for success in a role, and competitive landscape, hiring tech talent can be difficult. As a result, many employers are working with tech […]

Beyond the Numbers: Essential Soft Skills to Showcase on Your Accounting Resume

Going beyond the numbers is important for a successful accounting career. Showcasing essential soft skills on your resume is part of this process. Your soft skills impact how you interact with others. Highlighting these skills on your accounting resume shows you work well with others and can add value to the organization. Including your soft […]

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Underqualified Healthcare Candidates

As a leading staffing provider in the healthcare sector, we understand that finding the right talent can be challenging. Optimally, you’re seeking professionals who meet the full criteria in your job description. However, we’d like to showcase the idea of considering candidates who might not entirely have every qualification or experience but show potential to […]

Keep the Talent Flame Burning: Five Essential Tips for Workforce Retention

Smiling mature businessman sitting with colleagues in an office

Keeping the talent flame burning can be challenging. Not every employee will stay with your company for as long as you want. Keeping the talent flame burning helps reduce your hiring, onboarding, and costs. This process also elevates employee engagement, performance, and productivity. The results include stronger job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention […]