How to Answer “Why Are You Leaving Your Job?”

How you answer the question “Why are you leaving your job?” impacts your interview success. Sharing your reasons helps the hiring manager learn what matters to you in a job and how you handle undesirable circumstances. Interviewers often ask why you are leaving your job to gain insight into your career goals, preferred work environment, […]

2024 Vision: What Lies Ahead for Work

Further development of trends shaping the workforce lies ahead for work in 2024. The implementation of breakthrough technologies will have a significant impact on companies. The work trends will impact jobs on a day-to-day basis in 2024. Understanding these trends can help you stay competitive in the job market. Discover what lies ahead for work […]

The Importance of Offering Regular Feedback to Your Manager

Woman using video chat for online job interview in office

Offering regular feedback to your manager is important for job satisfaction. Providing insight into how you would like to be managed helps increase longevity with the company. Providing your manager with regular feedback supports communication, collaboration, and cohesion among your team. The results include a positive, productive work environment. Offering regular feedback to your manager […]

How to Decline Work Requests in a Professional Manner

Learning how to decline work requests in a professional manner is essential for work-life integration. Since there are a limited number of hours in a day, you likely cannot fit in everything you are asked to do. Knowing how to turn down work requests professionally helps maintain boundaries at work. You can take on projects […]

Take Control of Your Email Inbox: Here’s How

Taking control of your email inbox helps you manage your time. Fewer messages to sift through frees up time to focus on other tasks. Controlling your email inbox helps you stay organized. Knowing where specific information is located lets you quickly identify and act on it when needed. Follow these guidelines to take control of […]

Demonstrate Your Added Value at Work to a Future Employer

Demonstrating your added value at work to a future employer is essential for career advancement. Showing how your contributions and results impacted previous organizations provides examples of the impact you can provide for your following organization. Quantifying how your knowledge, skills, and experience benefitted a company provides an idea of how your added value can […]