Take Control of Your Email Inbox: Here’s How

Taking control of your email inbox helps you manage your time. Fewer messages to sift through frees up time to focus on other tasks. Controlling your email inbox helps you stay organized. Knowing where specific information is located lets you quickly identify and act on it when needed. Follow these guidelines to take control of […]

Demonstrate Your Added Value at Work to a Future Employer

Demonstrating your added value at work to a future employer is essential for career advancement. Showing how your contributions and results impacted previous organizations provides examples of the impact you can provide for your following organization. Quantifying how your knowledge, skills, and experience benefitted a company provides an idea of how your added value can […]

Figure Out Your Work Style

Male and female doctors working on reports in medical office

Your work style includes the attitudes and behaviors you apply to work tasks and relationships. Your approach impacts how you respond to the work environment, solve problems, and manage colleague and coworker relationships. Understanding your work style helps you adjust your behavior when interacting with colleagues and coworkers. This approach allows you to act more […]

Getting Back to the Basics of a Job Search

Job interview Business career and placement concept.

There is a wealth of job search advice available online. However, the vast amount can be overwhelming. Trying to decide which job search advice to follow can be complex. Determining what is relevant can be challenging because job seekers’ goals differ. As a result, getting back to the basics of a job search may be […]

How to Stop Regret from Taking a Toll on Your Work

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Do you often feel you did not work hard enough or achieve enough during the workday? If so, know that you are not alone. Many employees have unrealistic expectations of themselves at work. These expectations may come from their beliefs or colleagues’ and coworkers’ examples. When these unrealistic expectations are not met, regret sets in. […]

Reduce Stress at Work and at Home with These Techniques

Long hours, demanding workloads, and issues with coworkers can make work stressful. Dealing with personal problems such as grief, divorce, a child struggling in school, a family member’s severe illness, or caring for an elderly parent also can be stressful. Regularly experiencing stress at work lowers your engagement, performance, and productivity. It also reduces communication […]