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[av_toggle title=’How long do I have to work before I can be hired on full-time?’ tags=”]
All employees must work an agreed amount of hours before they can be hired on full time, unless a buyout is arranged beforehand between the hiring company and HireCall.
[av_toggle title=’Can I pick up my check early?’ tags=”]
Checks can be picked up from 8:00 to 5:30 on Fridays. We offer direct deposit and funds will be in the account Friday at 12:00am.
[av_toggle title=’What if I cannot make it to my assignment?’ tags=”]
If you cannot make it to your assignment for any reason, you must immediately call your staffing manager and explain why you cannot make it.
[av_toggle title=’What happens if I walk off a job?’ tags=”]
Your assignment will be ended and you will only be paid the minimum wage for the hours that you worked. It will then be determined whether you may continue your employment as a HireCall Temporary Employee.
[av_toggle title=’Are we paid overtime?’ tags=”]
Any employee that works over 40 hours in one week is eligible for overtime payment at time and a half.
[av_toggle title=’What happens if I am hurt on the job?’ tags=”]
As a temporary employee, if you are hurt on the job your on-site employer will take you to a pre-approved medical facility. While there, you will be required to take a post accident drug screen. If you fail this drug test, you-the employee, will be responsible for all medical treatment and prescriptions. Refusal to submit to a drug test will be treated the same as a failed test.