Mental Health in the Workplace: What to Look for When Applying to New Roles

Mental health in the workplace is essential for career success. You want to know that your employer will positively influence and support your well-being when applying.

Because your workplace impacts your mental health, you must know what to look for when applying to new roles. These tips can help.

Research the Company’s Approach to Mental Health

Learn about the company’s mission, vision, and core values to determine how employee mental health is addressed:

  • Review the “About Us” and “Culture” pages of the company’s website to learn about employee mental health support.
  • Focus on diversity and representation to determine how well employee differences are valued and supported.
  • Visit employer review sites to see what current and past employees say about how the company values mental health.
  • Consider how long employees typically remain with the company and why they leave.
  • Read job postings to uncover how the company helps maintain mental health in the work environment.

Evaluate the Benefits Package  

Focus on whether the benefits offered support mental health. For instance, determine whether the company covers health insurance and provides employee assistance programs (EAPs). These benefits indicate the company prioritizes employee mental health.

Focus on Employer-Sponsored Continuing Education

Find out the types of continuing education the company offers. Ongoing opportunities to upskill and reskill show that employee contributions and results are valued and respected. Active investment in learning and development supports employee mental health.

Learn About Flexibility Within the Workplace

During an interview, uncover how much flexibility is allowed to handle unexpected personal issues. Focus on whether your manager would understand and support your need to adjust your schedule or take time off.

For instance, ask whether there are remote or hybrid work options and how they are structured. Also, find out whether you would be penalized for leaving the office during work hours to handle an unplanned personal need.

Ask Mental Health-Related Questions  

Ask the interviewer what the employee experience is like. Also, find out what the interviewer likes most about working for the company. An answer that includes the team and the culture are signs of positive mental health in the workplace.

Share related questions about how the company supports employees’ mental health:

  • Which employee mental health tools and programs are offered?
  • Does the company take a singular or holistic approach to employee mental health?
  • Do the employees experience a sense of community?

Work with a Staffing Firm that Values Mental Health

HireCall ensures our clients actively support mental health in the workplace, so our placements have the support needed to excel. Visit our job board to apply for a role today.