The Pros and Cons of Hiring Underqualified Healthcare Candidates

As a leading staffing provider in the healthcare sector, we understand that finding the right talent can be challenging. Optimally, you’re seeking professionals who meet the full criteria in your job description. However, we’d like to showcase the idea of considering candidates who might not entirely have every qualification or experience but show potential to grow into the role.

There are indeed pros and cons when considering candidates who do not meet 100% of job experience and qualifications. However, employers often have flexibility regarding the traits they seek. By understanding some basic principles, you can enhance your chances of pinpointing promising talent.

Explore the pros and cons of hiring candidates who may currently fall slightly short on the qualifications but demonstrate immense potential.

Advantage: Potential to Meet Job Requirements via Training

Often, candidates meet approximately 80% of the listed requirements in a healthcare job posting. There’s a strong probability that they could make up the remaining 20% through on-the-job training.

Drawback: Some Job Requirements Are Absolute

Certain healthcare roles require candidates to fulfill specific requirements for consideration. For example, a candidate with a bachelor’s degree wouldn’t meet the obligatory doctor of medicine degree for a certain role. Likewise, a candidate with 5 years of experience wouldn’t qualify for a position needing 10 years of experience.

Advantage: Development of Specific Skills On-The-Job

Candidates can leverage on-site training to supplement their existing skillset. By nurturing relevant abilities, they increase their potential to excel in your open positions.

Drawback: The Role May Be Overwhelming

Depending on the scope of the job, additional training might fall short of meeting all expectations. The role could involve complex tasks requiring extensive hours or the job might be different than initially expected by the candidate.

Advantage: Utilizing a Network for Candidate Sourcing

Potential candidates can use their networks to secure an interview for your healthcare opening. This network effect can prove beneficial as they communicate gaps in their qualifications and their commitment to learning and growing in the role.

Drawback: Explanation of the Potential Suitability

Candidates will need to express their potential viability in a cover letter, resume, and during interviews. For example, if they lack required management experience, they might outline their experience coordinating a volunteer program and how it correlates to the role. Demonstrating determination and ability to add value to your organization is vital.

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