7 Nursing School Tips to Help You Succeed in Your Career

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Building a career as a nurse is a rewarding experience. Attending nursing school helps you get started on your path.

Going to nursing school challenges you to balance your educational pursuits with your personal responsibilities and interests. The need to manage everything at once can become overwhelming at times.

To persevere, you should focus on the end result of completing nursing school and building the career you desire. These suggestions can help.

Implement these seven nursing school tips to help you succeed in your career.

Set Goals

Develop specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound (SMART) goals. Focus on short- and long-term goals to get what you want from nursing school and your career. Understanding what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it, and the steps to accomplish it help make your goals a reality.

Develop a Schedule

Create a schedule to fit in everything you need to do each day. Include adequate time for classes, studying, work, family, friends, social activities, and other priorities. Ensure you balance personal and professional interests to maintain engagement and avoid burnout.

Understand Your Learning Style

Knowing whether audio, visual, or tactile learning is best for you helps you study in the most effective manner:

  • If you are an audio learner, you prefer to read aloud, participate in discussions, and hear the information to understand it.
  • If you are a visual learner, you prefer to see graphs and drawings and silently read information to understand it.
  • If you are a tactile learner, you prefer gestures and acting out scenarios to understand them.

Participate During Lectures

Actively listen, take notes, and ask questions during lectures. Show that you are interested in the material and want to learn more. Because the information presented during lectures likely will be on exams, you should pay close attention.

Ask Questions

Use your class time and professors’ office hours to ask questions about the material. Gathering additional information helps improve your understanding and real-world application of your learning. You should perform better on exams and during your nursing career.

Study Daily

Dedicate at least 1 hour each day to studying. Ongoing learning helps you understand and retain the information more effectively than cramming before an exam. You can build on what you know to enhance your learning and real-world application of the material.

Use Online Resources

Find online resources that align with the information you learn about during lectures and while reading textbooks. Online learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy and apps like Osmosis can help you better understand a subject or class, complete assignments, and study for exams.

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