The Top Manufacturing Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Portrait of happy young african forklift manager wearing safety vest and white hardhat transporting goods from one shelf to another while looking in camera in warehouse

Knowing the top manufacturing podcasts to listen to right now helps you stay current in the industry. Learning about the latest news, trends, and best practices helps increase your job performance.

You can listen to the top manufacturing podcasts during your commute, while on break, or at any other time that fits your schedule. This flexibility provides ongoing opportunities to learn when it is convenient for you.

Discover six of the top manufacturing podcasts to listen to right now.

1. Industrial Talk

Industrial Talk, hosted by Scott MacKenzie, provides news about what is happening within the industrial workplace. Listeners enjoy the podcast because of its personal take on manufacturing industry networking from a professional who worked as a lathing contractor, industrial marketer, and educator.

2. In Machines We Trust

In Machines We Trust, hosted by MIT Technology Review Editorial Director Jennifer Strong, focuses on the expansive impact of artificial intelligence on daily life. The podcast also covers the automation of everything and the humans behind the machines. Listeners appreciate the editorial quality, story-based production, wide range of guests, and perspectives on the role machines play in industry and society.

3. Gemba Academy Podcast

Gemba Academy Podcast is hosted by Ron Pereira, who co-founded Gemba Academy and trained and mentored thousands of individuals in both lean and six sigma methodologies. The podcast focuses on lean thinking, Toyota Kata, leadership, and productivity. Listeners appreciate the dedication to using industry best practices for continuous improvement in both individuals and companies.

4. Making Chips

Making Chips is hosted by manufacturing leaders who work on the factory floor. The podcast equips and inspires metalworking, machining, fabrication, tooling, and machine tool professionals. Listeners enjoy hearing from owners and executives of manufacturing firms of all sizes.

5. Manufacturing Happy Hour

Manufacturing Happy Hour, hosted by mechanical engineer Chris Luecke, gets real about the latest technologies and trends impacting manufacturers. Listeners appreciate how the podcast features rising manufacturing leaders and impacts millennials and Gen Z.

6. The Manufacturing Executive

The Manufacturing Executive is hosted by Joe Sullivan, founder of the industrial marketing agency Gorilla 76. The podcast shares compelling stories about manufacturing leaders’ struggles and successes as models for growth.

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