Building & Maintaining Healthy Employer-Employee Relationships

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Building and maintaining healthy employer-employee relationships is essential for business growth. These relationships promote trust, transparency, and honesty throughout your workforce for greater team cohesion.

Healthy employer-employee relationships support employee engagement, productivity, and performance. These relationships also elevate job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates. The results include a stronger bottom line.

Implement these tips to build and maintain healthy employer-employee relationships.

Openly Communicate

Regularly communicate with your employees throughout the day. Maintaining contact is especially important if your team works remotely or hybrid.

For instance, hold weekly one-to-one meetings to discuss what your employees are working on, their most recent progress, and what still needs to be completed. Also, encourage your team to reach out with questions, concerns, or requests for help. Plus, share company news and how it impacts your employees so they stay informed about company events.

Encourage Autonomy

Let your employees work with as little oversight as possible. Providing autonomy shows you trust your team to remain motivated, engaged, and productive on their own. As a result, your employees are likely to increase their efforts and improve their performance for more desirable results.

Lead with Empathy

Privately talk with an employee who appears to be struggling. Although you should respect the employee’s privacy, you must know about any circumstances impacting their work performance.

Find out what you can about the situation and whether you can do anything to help. Provide as much flexibility and support as possible for the employee to resolve the issue.

Encourage Feedback

Support your employees in giving and receiving constructive feedback. Demonstrate being open to implementing feedback to improve your and your team’s performance.

Express Appreciation

Regularly show appreciation for your employees’ contributions and results. Include specific accomplishments, the steps to success, and the impact on the organization. Also, provide a bonus, raise, or promotion when appropriate.

Showing you appreciate your employees’ hard work encourages them to improve their performance. These actions also promote feelings of respect, value, and company loyalty for long-term growth.

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