Are You Being Properly Onboarded?

Happy business team working together

Proper onboarding begins before your first day of work and lasts throughout your first year at a job. This process helps set a foundation for success within the organization.

Effective onboarding welcomes you to the company and helps you acclimate to the team and work environment. It would be best if you were given documents and a checklist to learn more about the company, job, manager expectations, and measurements for success.

Understanding what to expect from onboarding helps you get the most out of the process. The happier you are with a company, the more you can advance your career path.

Focus on these areas to help determine whether you are being adequately onboarded.

Did You Fill Out the Employment Paperwork?

You should have reviewed and signed the job offer before your first work day. You also should have completed and signed the necessary employment forms:

  • Form W-4 and any other tax forms
  • Form I-9 to verify your identity and employment eligibility
  • Direct deposit forms
  • Health insurance forms
  • Any other forms from HR

Did You Receive Basic Information for Day 1?

Ensure you have details on the following before you start your job:

  • Dress code
  • Parking
  • Building access
  • Workstation
  • Job description
  • Benefits package
  • Access to the company portal
  • Other relevant details

Were You Properly Welcomed?

The receptionist, your manager, and at least one team member should welcome you on your first day. You also might receive handwritten notes or company swag welcoming you to the team.

You should receive a tour of the facility. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the HR office, break room, and restrooms.

You might be paired with a mentor who can provide guidance and answer questions. Turn to them for help as often as needed.

Did You Receive Training Materials?

You should receive an employee handbook, company directory, and training materials. These materials should include short- and long-term projects.

Your manager should go over their expectations for the next 30 days. These expectations should address your workflow, first project, and involvement in the company’s long-term goals.

Did You Participate in Orientation?

Your orientation should involve the HR team, other new hires, and at least one executive. You might watch videos and slideshow presentations to see how your contributions will benefit the organization.

Be sure to interact with everyone involved in the orientation process. Forming work relationships helps you feel like a valued, respected team member.

Does Your Manager Regularly Check-In?

Focus on whether your manager regularly discusses your progress with adapting to the culture, team, job duties and responsibilities. Also, emphasize whether you have ongoing opportunities for learning and development. Additionally, pay attention to how many company events you are invited to participate in.

Are You Looking for a New Job?

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