Demonstrate Your Added Value at Work to a Future Employer

Demonstrating your added value at work to a future employer is essential for career advancement. Showing how your contributions and results impacted previous organizations provides examples of the impact you can provide for your following organization.

Quantifying how your knowledge, skills, and experience benefitted a company provides an idea of how your added value can help the next company you work for. Your track record of achievements encourages a hiring manager to extend a job offer.

Implement these tips to demonstrate your added value at work to a future employer.

Use Value-Related Keywords

Include active verbs and other keywords in your cover letter and resume that demonstrate how you added value at work. Examples include “created,” “earned,” “generated,” “improved,” and “launched.” These keywords help your resume get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring manager.

Clarify How You Measure Success

Define what your success in previous roles looked like. For instance, your performance level may have been measured by your productivity, customer service, cost savings, or another standard. Providing context for your achievements helps the hiring manager understand how your contributions added value to the organization.

List Your Achievements

Write down details about how you added value in previous positions. Examples include how much revenue you brought in, how much time or money you saved a company, or how you helped develop and implement one of your ideas to benefit the organization. Mention your accomplishments in your cover letter and resume and during interviews to impress the hiring manager.

Define Your Value Metrics

Quantify the value of your contributions and results for previous employers. Examples include the number of employees you managed, the dollar amount of the budget you were responsible for, or the process you helped develop and implement. Assigning tangible values provides context for hiring managers to understand your impact on the company.

Mention Your Awards

Share the recognition you received as a top performer. Examples include awards, certificates, or other accolades demonstrating how you exceeded expectations and added value at work. This recognition indicates that others acknowledged the importance of your efforts and outcomes for the company.

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