Can Your Remote Team Help Improve Company Culture?

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Your culture is formed by your company’s mission, vision, and values and how they are carried out. These elements provide a framework for communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

An engaging company culture promotes employee engagement, performance, and productivity. This culture also elevates job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates.

As a result, you should be working with your remote team to improve your company’s culture. These tips can help.

Discover how your remote team can help improve company culture.

Effectively Onboard Remote Team Members

Create a virtual onboarding process that covers the people and information your remote hires must know. For instance, introduce your new hires to the colleagues and coworkers they will primarily work with. Also, clarify how to communicate with you and the team. Additionally, explain where to turn for help when needed. Define the role expectations, workflows, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Providing relevant information and resources during onboarding helps remote team members feel welcome and connected. These activities help improve company culture.

Prioritize Remote Team Members’ Career Growth

Talk with each remote team member about their career goals. Then, work with each member to create a plan for promotion within your organization.

Offer opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience required for advancement. These opportunities encourage your remote team members to remain long-term.

Regularly Connect with Remote Team Members

Connect with each remote team member throughout the day. For instance, find out what they are working on, whether they have questions, and how you can provide support. Also, discuss each team member’s progress, accomplishments, and work that still needs to be completed.

Use video calls, instant messaging, and other real-time communication channels to connect with your remote team members. Building employee relationships helps improve company culture.

Support Remote Team Member Collaboration

Assign tasks and projects that require remote team member collaboration. These activities support communication, camaraderie, and rapport among your team.

Remote team members with strong connections to colleagues tend to remain with the company for an extended time. Increasing employee retention rates helps improve company culture.

Reward Remote Team Members’ Accomplishments

Point out each remote team member’s specific achievements. Include what the employee attained, their steps, and how their contributions benefited your organization. Provide a bonus, pay increase, or promotion when appropriate.

Recognizing and rewarding remote team members’ accomplishments shows these employees are valued members of your team. These rewards encourage your remote team members to continue increasing their performance.

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