Getting Back to the Basics of a Job Search

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There is a wealth of job search advice available online. However, the vast amount can be overwhelming.

Trying to decide which job search advice to follow can be complex. Determining what is relevant can be challenging because job seekers’ goals differ.

As a result, getting back to the basics of a job search may be most effective. These ideas can help.

Follow these guidelines to get back to the basics of a job search.

Show You Are an Obvious Fit

Use the job description to determine how your knowledge, skills, and experience make you well-qualified for the role. Include these details in your cover letter and resume for each position you desire.

Include the keywords from the job description throughout each cover letter and resume. Effective use of relevant keywords helps your resume get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to a hiring manager.

Pointing out your qualifications for the position demonstrates your potential for success. Your ability to add value to the organization encourages the hiring manager to contact you for an interview.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Ensure the information in your LinkedIn profile matches the news in your resume. Also, include additional details in your LinkedIn profile to show how you can reach your desired position.

For instance, ensure your most current skills and experience are included in your LinkedIn profile.

Also, consider modifying your wording, moving keywords, and changing your bullet points. Additionally, remove any skills or other details irrelevant to the desired role.

Schedule Informational Interviews

Set up a time to talk with employees in roles that are similar to the ones you desire. Ask questions about the position, team, culture, company, and other relevant topics. Use your findings to determine your happiness in the role and organization.

If you decide to apply for a position, ask the employee if they would refer you to their manager. Having an employee referral sets you apart from the other applicants. You are likely to be scheduled for an interview.

Show Your Personality

Include your personality throughout the hiring process. Employers must know whether you would blend with company culture and get along with potential colleagues and coworkers.

Show your true self in your cover letter and resume while professionally answering interview questions. Being genuine and likable increases your chances of receiving a job offer.

Partner with a Recruiter

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