Reduce Stress at Work and at Home with These Techniques

Long hours, demanding workloads, and issues with coworkers can make work stressful. Dealing with personal problems such as grief, divorce, a child struggling in school, a family member’s severe illness, or caring for an elderly parent also can be stressful.

Regularly experiencing stress at work lowers your engagement, performance, and productivity. It also reduces communication with colleagues, ability to function at work, and job satisfaction.

Consistent exposure to high stress at work or home can lead to anxiety, depression, and burnout. As a result, you should be taking steps to reduce stress at work and home.

Reduce stress at work and home with these techniques:

Prioritize Self-Care

Eat healthy foods, exercise daily, and get adequate sleep each night. Also, practice deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation, or yoga for stress reduction. Additionally, take regular breaks throughout the day and an hour for lunch. Go for walks, read, listen to music, or talk with coworkers on break.

Maintain Boundaries

Set boundaries around your work and personal time. Also, schedule professional or personal responsibilities during the appropriate hours. Also, let others know when you can handle work and emotional issues. Plus, focus on your work or personal life at the correct times.

Use Your Paid Time Off

Plan vacations with your family or friends. Use your time away from work to make memories with your loved ones. Completely disengage from work so you can relax and rejuvenate.

Talk About Your Experiences

Let your manager, colleague, coworker, family member, or friend know when you feel stressed. Share as much detail as you feel comfortable with. Ask for support to work through the issue.

Seek Professional Help

If your stress level becomes overwhelming, talk with your manager or a member of HR about any employee assistance programs (EAPs) your organization offers or the mental health services covered by your company’s health insurance. Or, consider contacting a religious leader or community support group for help. Try different resources until you find what works for you.

Would Having a New Job Reduce Your Stress?

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