Social Media Best Practices for Working Professionals

Your social media accounts can impact your job search. This includes the professionals you connect with, the roles you apply for, and whether you receive a job offer.

As a working professional, you want to follow social media best practices to maximize your odds of landing an interview and being offered the position you want. These suggestions can help.

Follow these social media best practices for increased success during your job search:

Maintain a Professional Online Presence

Showcase your knowledge, skills, and experience throughout your social media accounts. Demonstrate that you are a thought leader in your industry who is focused on career growth.

For instance, connect with hiring managers, HR employees, and other professionals in your industry who can help with your job search. Also, update your LinkedIn profile to reflect what you want hiring managers to know about you. Additionally, create and comment on industry-related posts to demonstrate your knowledge. Plus, stay active in industry-related groups to learn from and help others.

Ensure Consistency with Your Information

Ensure the information in your social media profiles is the same as in your resume. Having duplicate job titles, companies, employment dates, and other relevant details promotes confidence in hiring managers. This increases the likelihood of being contacted for an interview.

Speak Positively About Employers

Maintain a favorable impression of your current and past employers. This shows how you likely would speak about your next employer.

Sharing positive words about an employer enhances your professional image. This shows you are the type of employee a manager wants on their team.

Post Outside of Work Hours

Create or share social media posts after the end of the workday. Even if you post during breaks or your lunch hour, hiring managers may think you regularly engage with social media when you should be working. This can lower your odds of being contacted for an interview.

Limit Your Posting Frequency

Take your time posting unique content. Put additional thought into your content rather than maintain a schedule for sharing information. This encourages your audience to pay closer attention when you share posts. Deciding what and when to share encourages respect for your work.

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