5 Ways to Survive Working Long Hours

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There will be times throughout your career when you must survive working long hours. This may be during a busy season, to finish a significant project, or to resolve an unexpected issue.

Of course, working long hours can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Consistently being exposed to high amounts of stress can lead to burnout.

As a result, you must find ways to survive working long hours for brief periods. These suggestions can help.

Choose among these five ways to survive working long hours:

1. Schedule Your Tasks

List the tasks you want to accomplish for the day or week. Then, schedule your tasks when you plan to work on them.

Be sure to include 10- or 15-minute breaks every few hours and an hour for lunch. Also, leave adequate unscheduled time to handle unexpected events. Including some flexibility increases the likelihood of accomplishing all you want for the day.

Cross off your tasks after you finish them. This provides a sense of achievement. It also reduces the stress of working long hours.

2. Use Time Blocking

List your daily tasks, then define when you work on each job. Include time for 10- to 15-minute breaks, an hour for lunch, and unstructured time to handle surprise issues.

Schedule your most important tasks during your most productive hours. This increases the likelihood of finishing your studies while working long hours.

3. Minimize Distractions

If you work onsite, put a note on your office door asking that you not be interrupted unless necessary. Then, close your door, turn off your notifications, and silence your phone. Focus on your work as you scheduled it.

If you work remotely, ask that members of your household not disturb you unless there is an emergency. Wear noise-canceling headphones if your workspace is in the kitchen or living room. These activities help you stay on task while working long hours.

4. Take Breaks

Leave your workspace every 2 hours. Talk a short walk, meditate, or stretch. Read a book, listen to music, or talk with someone else who is on break.

Consume healthy foods during your lunch and breaks. Also, drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Letting your mind disengage helps you come back rested and ready to produce. This is especially important when you are working long hours.

5. Reward Your Productivity

Motivate yourself to work long hours by tying your productivity to a reward. This might involve watching the latest episode of your favorite television show, picking up dinner, or making plans to see friends over the weekend. This helps you survive working long hours.

Is It Time to Change Jobs?

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