How to Request Feedback When You’ve Been Rejected for a Job

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Even the best candidates can be rejected for a job. Perhaps the competition was steep, and the interview panel connected better with another applicant.

If you are rejected for a job, it helps to know why. Requesting feedback can help you perform better during the following interview with a potential employer. The better you perform during the interview process, the greater the odds of receiving a job offer.

Follow these guidelines to request feedback if you are rejected for a job.

Reach Out to the Right Professional

The person who let you know you were rejected for the job should be the person you request feedback from. This typically is a hiring manager or recruiter.

Other professionals you may have spoken to during the interview might not have control over the final hiring decision. As a result, requesting feedback from them would be ineffective.

If you were working with a recruiter during the hiring process, they likely could provide feedback on why you were rejected for the job. This feedback helps the recruiter more effectively coach you through the hiring process for your next opportunity.

Choose an Appropriate Time to Reach Out

Email the hiring manager within 24 hours of being rejected for the job. This allows the manager to inform the other candidates about the hiring decision.

Sending an email gives the hiring manager time to develop a helpful answer as to why you were rejected for the job. This eases the discomfort about the situation.

Request Specific Ways to Improve

Ask open-ended questions that encourage the hiring manager to share information about why you were rejected for the job. Request actionable tips to improve your performance.

The hiring manager might say you lacked specific skills or the amount of experience they were looking for. Use this feedback to guide your professional development and perform better when interviewing for your next opportunity.

Thank the hiring manager for their feedback. Let them know you would like to be considered for future jobs.

Partner with a Recruiter

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