Methods for Handling Change at Work

One of software developers pointing at computer screen while explaining his co-worker new method of data decoding

Companies need to change to stay competitive. This may involve revising business strategy, modifying operations, or restructuring.

As an employee, you may have difficulty handling change at work. Having an unclear outcome can feel intimidating.

However, change at work offers new opportunities for growth and professional success. Using proven methods to handle change can help you navigate through it.

Implement these methods for handling change at work.

Manage Your Emotions

You may feel shocked, anxious, or angry when you learn about change at work. You also might be concerned about how the change could impact your role. These reactions adversely affect your engagement, performance, and productivity.

Being aware of your emotions is an important part of working through them. You may want to talk about your feelings with family or friends. You also could practice yoga or meditate to manage your emotions.

Prioritize Communication

Find out all you can about the change at work. Include the reasons for the change, the steps being taken, the timeline, and the anticipated outcomes.

Talk with your manager or an HR professional about how the change will impact your position. Include whether you must take on additional duties and responsibilities.

Ask as many questions as you need to. Having as much peace of mind as possible makes handling change at work easier.

Learn to Accept Change

Change at work will happen whether or not you want it to. As a result, it is better to embrace change than deny it is happening.

Accepting change at work helps you adapt to it. This lets you more effectively handle the changes that directly impact your position. Examples include learning new technology, developing new skills, and implementing new processes and procedures.

Advocate for Change

Focus on the positive aspects of change at work. Emphasize to colleagues and coworkers why you are enthusiastic about trying new things. Examples include adding to your knowledge base and skill set.

Promoting change at work spreads positive energy. Having a positive attitude helps resolve issues and lower stress.

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