How to Deal with Feeling Unappreciated

Your job satisfaction depends on many factors. One factor is whether you feel that your manager appreciates you.

Receiving positive feedback on your job performance and credit for your work increase your motivation and productivity levels. This can lead to bonuses, pay increases, and promotions.

Conversely, regularly receiving negative feedback or no feedback at all can make you feel like your contributions are going unnoticed. Having others take credit for your work or not receiving promotions can make you feel unappreciated.

Feeling unappreciated at work can lead to negative thoughts about your job and company. This can lead to decreased motivation, engagement, and performance.

Fortunately, you can take steps to feel appreciated at work. The following suggestions can help.

Implement these tips to effectively deal with feeling unappreciated at work.

Talk with Your Manager

Schedule a time to meet with your manager to discuss feeling unappreciated. Ask them to create a job performance assessment before the discussion.

Let your manager know that regularly receiving constructive feedback can help you improve your job performance. This gives you an idea of your strengths and suggestions for improvements to more effectively complete your tasks.

Bring a list of your recent projects and achievements to the meeting. Include examples of how your manager’s recognition of your contributions and results improved your performance on future projects.

During the meeting, ask your manager to develop goals for you to work toward. Collaborate on creating strategies to attain these targets. Include key performance indicators (KPIs) as measurements of success.

Talk with your manager about meeting every few months to discuss your progress. Mention how important this is to your advancement within the company.

Express Appreciation for Others

Give your colleagues and coworkers sincere praise throughout the day. This may happen when they answer your questions, help you with tasks, or accomplish goals.

Show gratitude to every teammate you collaborate with on projects. This encourages your teammates to express appreciation for your efforts and results.

When your team reaches a milestone, recognize each teammate for the achievement. You may want to bring in a treat to celebrate.

Consider Finding a New Job

If your efforts to feel appreciated do not work, it may be time to change employers. Be sure to consider the next company’s values and prioritization of employees’ mental health when deciding where to apply.

When researching companies, focus on the relationships between managers and employees. Also, emphasize the frequency and type of feedback given. Plus, pay attention to the frequency of employee reviews. These factors impact whether you would feel appreciated at work.

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