Why You Always Should Pick Up the Phone When a Recruiter Calls

recruiter calls

Even if you enjoy your job, there likely is a better opportunity. Although you might not be looking for a change, a recruiter may contact you about a role that fits your skills and experience.

If a recruiter calls, you always should pick up the phone. You never know when your dream job may be presented to you.

Discover six reasons why you always should pick up the phone when a recruiter calls.

1. Access to the Hidden Job Market

Many companies hire recruiters to fill job openings rather than publicly post vacancies. By talking with a recruiter, you can learn about roles that most candidates do not know about.

If you apply to these unadvertised positions, you face less competition during the interview process. This increases the likelihood of receiving a job offer.

2. Entry into Companies

Working with a recruiter provides easier access to companies. This is especially important for businesses that typically are difficult to enter.

A recruiter has established relationships with employers. This means the employers listen to what the recruiter says about the candidates they provide.

Having a recruiter represent you to a hiring manager emphasizes the qualifications that make you best suited for the position. Having this advocacy helps you land prime positions.

3. Job Search Advice

A recruiter understands the job market and what individual employers are looking for. As a result, the recruiter can provide insight into your job search that you otherwise may not have.

The recruiter can help you stand out from other job applicants. This can help you land a job in less time than finding a position on your own.

4. Support Throughout the Hiring Process

A recruiter provides coaching through every aspect of recruitment. This includes providing feedback on your resume and helping you with interview preparation.

If you receive a job offer, the recruiter negotiates on your behalf. If not, the recruiter can provide feedback from the hiring manager on ways you could improve. This can help you secure a role elsewhere.

5. Compensation Transparency

A recruiter understands the salary and benefits being provided for the role you want. They also know your value and the income you deserve.

Because the recruiter understands your industry and the job location, they can determine whether an offered salary and benefits are a good match for you. This ensures you receive compensation in line with your qualifications if you receive a job offer.

6. Complimentary Recruitment Services

Working with a recruiter is free for candidates. You do not pay them anything for their time.

Companies pay the recruiter’s fees. As a result, it is in your best interest to pick up the phone when a recruiter calls.

Ready to Work with a Recruiter?

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