Protect Yourself from Job Scammers


As The Great Resignation continues, there are virtually endless job openings. This is great news for job seekers looking for different roles. However, it also means job scammers are on the rise.

Job scammers encourage individuals to either directly pay them cash or provide information to access a bank account or credit card. Because job seekers focus on making money, they are among the top targets.

As a result, you must be on alert when applying for jobs. Paying attention to warning signs can prevent you from losing money to these scammers.

Look for the following red flags during your job search to protect yourself from job scammers.

Job Ads Mentioning Gift Cards or Cash

Do not apply for a job that involves a secret shopper cashing a check, using some of the cash to buy gift cards or items, keeping some cash as payment, and mailing the rest back. The check will bounce.

Company Providing a Job Offer Without an Application

Do not accept an offer for a job you did not apply for. This likely is a scam to obtain your personal information or cash.

Company Requesting Significant Information Upfront

You should not be asked to provide a substantial amount of personal information before your first interview. This includes your home address, social security number, and bank account information for direct deposit.

At some point, an employer who hires you will need your social security number to pay you. However, this does not happen until after you accept a job offer and begin working.

An employer does not need your credit or debit card information. This is like handing someone cash.

Company Requesting You Email Personal Information  

You should not be asked to email or text sensitive information such as your social security number or bank account information. If this happens, you should say you do not use these methods to provide personal information.

You may provide sensitive information over the phone to HR or the accounting department after you accept a job offer. Or, you can drop off the information at the office.

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