Why Human Connection Is So Important in a Hybrid or Remote Workplace

hybrid or remoteEmployees in a hybrid or remote work environment should prioritize regular interactions with their colleagues, coworkers, and managers. These human connections are important for career growth.

Cultivating genuine relationships at work increases performance, innovation, and advancement. These are reasons why employees should be actively pursuing interactions with peers and leaders on a regular basis.

Discover why human connection needs to be a priority in a hybrid or remote work environment.

Human Connection Elevates Performance

Employees with informal networks tend to move up higher in their organization than employees without informal networks. In fact, education, seniority, personality, and cognitive ability combined typically do not predict performance better than the presence of informal networks do.

As a result, human connection needs to be a priority in hybrid or remote workplaces. Regular contact with colleagues, coworkers, and managers is necessary for employees to perform their best and advance within the company.

Human Connection Drives Innovation

Many employees had significantly fewer interactions with their colleagues and coworkers when the coronavirus began. This impacted how these groups collaborated.

Although interactions within close networks stayed high, fewer interactions between teams resulted in companies becoming more siloed. This adversely impacted innovation throughout the organizations.

This demonstrates why interacting with larger groups at work is so important. Employees can collaborate and learn from each other. They also can share best practices and be more productive.

Teams who share their diverse ideas and perspectives promote strategic thought. This increases innovation throughout the organization.

Human Connection Promotes Career Growth

Sharing networks with peers creates allies and increases collaboration. This encourages employees on similar career paths to motivate each other to continue moving forward.

Peer-to-peer networking promotes mutual professional growth. The more professional contacts an employee has, the stronger their career progression tends to be.

As a result, hybrid and remote employees should increase their efforts to stay actively connected with their peers and leaders within the organization. The more these employees interact with the individuals involved with advancement, the more likely the employees are to move up in the organization.

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