How to Get Your LinkedIn Noticed by Employers

LinkedIn is an effective platform for finding a new job. You can search for employers and have employers search for you.

One key to being noticed by employers is to optimize your LinkedIn profile. This helps your profile rank high in LinkedIn search results.

The higher your rank, the more likely you will be contacted for an interview. This increases your odds of landing the job you want.

Follow these guidelines to encourage employers to find your LinkedIn profile and contact you for a job interview.

Update Your Headline and Job Title

Employers look for profile headlines and current job titles when searching for candidates on LinkedIn. Having a job title in your headline and experience headings that match employer searches helps you rank higher in search results. This increases your odds of being contacted for an interview.

Use your headline to showcase what you do, what you specialize in, and the type of position you desire. Also, be specific with your job titles. For instance, “Project Manager, eCommerce customer experience for checkout, cart, and post-order.”

Use Keywords

Employers typically use keywords to search for specific skills. For instance, an employer may use “JavaScript” or “CSS” to look for a front-end developer.

Include relevant keywords and skills in your headline, profile summary, about section, job titles, and job descriptions. Find current job postings for ideas of which industry-related and experience-based keywords to use.

Customize Your URL

Having a customized uniform resource locator (URL) helps you rank higher in LinkedIn search results. This is especially beneficial when your keywords match what an employer is looking for.

You may want to include your city or job title in your URL. For instance, “angela-smith-milwaukee” or “angela-smith-project-manager.”

Include Your Location

Employers often look for candidates within a certain radius of the company’s location. Having a short commute increases the odds of candidates wanting to work for the organization.

Sharing your location in your LinkedIn profile helps you qualify for localized searches. If you would like to relocate to a certain city, you may want to mention it in your career interests.

Share Your Impact

Emphasize measurable results in your LinkedIn profile. This shows how your accomplishments impacted a company. For instance, “Reduced labor costs by more than 20% through assessment and improvement of staff training and development programs.”

Explain Any Short-Term Employment

Explain your temporary jobs or job hopping. Employers want to know why you did not hold a full-time job for long. They want to hire a candidate who is likely to remain long-term.

Detail Your Education

Complete your education information. Include your graduation date to increase your odds of ranking high in LinkedIn searches.

Build Your Connections

Connect with as many industry professionals as possible. Your number of common connections impacts your rank when an employer searches for words relevant to your profile.

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