How to Keep Employees Engaged During a Slow Summer Season

Almost all employees would rather be outside enjoying the summer sunshine than working inside an office. This is why most companies experience a decline in productivity throughout July and August.

As an HR professional, you need a plan to increase motivation and productivity among your workforce throughout the months of warmer weather. This helps reduce the effects of the summer slump.

Implement these tips to promote employee engagement during the summer months.

Offer a Flexible Schedule

Consider providing a four-day work week, flex time, or shorter hours on Friday. This helps your workforce maintain work-life balance throughout the summer months.

Employees appreciate spending more time outdoors with family and friends. They come back to work rested and ready to produce.

Relax the Dress Code

Consider suspending your company’s policy to wear business casual attire and let your workforce dress even more casually during the summer months. Or, keep the dress code as is but include casual Friday.

Ensure the summer dress code is communicated to all employees both verbally and in the employee handbook. This clarifies what is acceptable attire for work.

Emphasize Learning and Development

This mid-year point is an excellent time for your workforce to increase their focus on professional development.

You may encourage managers to have their teams review their progress toward their goals. Determine whether each goal was reached, needs to be accomplished, or is no longer relevant and should be eliminated. Rework the action plans to attain the remaining goals.

Remind managers to provide ongoing feedback and support for employee goal attainment. This includes formal discussions with team members about performance metrics, additional training, and stretch assignments.

Engage in Wellness Activities

Encourage your workforce to participate in healthy activities. For instance, ask managers to set up team walking challenges. Or, organize a company volleyball or softball team.

You might leave fresh fruits and vegetables in the break room rather than cookies or potato chips. Or, invite health and wellness speakers to promote participation in community events or organizations.

Plan Company Events

Organize a summer outing for your workforce. This may involve a volunteer day with a local nonprofit organization or a company picnic.

Aim to create a fun environment where employees at all levels can get to know each other. This elevates engagement and collaboration.

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