How to Increase Your Daily Productivity Like a Pro

Like most employees, you may look for ways to improve your daily productivity. You probably would like to get more done each day and have more time to unwind after.

Fortunately, you can take small steps and create micro-habits to significantly improve your focus, energy, and productivity. These actions help you accomplish more in less time. As a result, you have additional time to pursue personal interests.

Implement these tips to get more work done each day.

Plan Your Day the Night Before

Create a list of the tasks you want to accomplish the next day. This lets you know what you will be doing from the time you wake up.

  • Rank each task by priority.
  • Determine how long each task will take to finish.
  • Schedule each task for the appropriate day and time.
  • Include 10-minute breaks every few hours and an hour for lunch.
  • Follow your plan as closely as possible.
  • Move any unfinished tasks to the next day.

Schedule Your Hardest Tasks First

Use the morning hours to handle your most challenging tasks. They require the most willpower and mental performance.

  • You should have greater energy and discipline when you start work than after lunch.
  • You likely perform your best in the morning, more easily focusing on your top priorities.
  • Since you probably have a lower drive in the afternoon, you can check email and do other less thought-intensive work.

Turn off Notifications

Silence the notifications on your mobile devices. This helps you focus on your work.

  • Smartphones tend to be the biggest distraction for employees.
  • Checking your email or text messages takes time away from your work.
  • Because the brain needs time to switch between activities, it takes longer to complete a task.
  • Focusing on more than one thing at a time results in greater mistakes.
  • You spend more time redoing your work than if you completed a task without interruptions.

Conduct a 5-Minute Review

Take 5 minutes at the end of each day to review your accomplishments. This helps you uncover your weak areas and improve your performance.

  • Consider whether you achieved your top priorities.
  • Think about which tasks consumed your time and energy but did not yield meaningful results.
  • Determine which people and events increased your energy and happiness.
  • Include what you should do differently the next day.

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