How to Appeal to Gen Z and Millennials

In the war on talent, it helps to understand the people you’re looking to hire, especially based on which generation they’re from. A candidate’s generation has a strong influence on its values. By understanding more of what drives and motivates younger generations, it will be easier for your company to attract and retain them in your workplace.  

What are the younger working generations? 

The youngest members of today’s workforce includes Millennials, AKA Generation Y (born from 1981-1996) and the just-recently-graduated Generation Z (born from 1997-2012). These generations grew up surrounded by technology and a different world than the previous Generation X and Baby Boomer generations before them. Millennials and Gen Z are no strangers to automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and this familiarity gives them unique job strengths. They also have different values and expectations that previous generations.   

How to appeal to Millennial and Gen Z demographics 

These generations have much different values based on the world that has shaped their lives. By understanding these values, you’ll have a better idea of how to relate to Millennials and Gen Z. In general, they’re in search of: 

1. Companies with similar values.

In terms of company culture, mission and vision, populations supported by, and even causes donated to—Millennials and Gen Z are a much more altruistic generation. They want to work for companies with similar values, standing on “soapboxes” to support causes they hold near and dear.  

2. Clear career paths.

These generations are on the upward path to advancement. They value working hard with a clear pathway in view. They tend to spend only a few years in a job before expecting to move forward. You’re best way to retain workers in these generations is with the opportunity for advancement and internal promotion within your company.  

3. Regular feedback on performance.

Millennials and Gen Z have grown up in a world with instant information at their fingertips. They don’t like to guess when they can easily Google something and know. For this reason, they’re likely to be curious about their work performance and will require regular feedback to know how they’re doing and what may need to improve.  

4. Flexible scheduling.

The internet and constantly evolving technology has created the opportunity to work anytime, from anywhere. Lucky for these generations, the world currently has an acute focus on remote work options—and just in time. Millennials and Gen Z prefer flexible opportunities for when and where they can perform their jobs.  

Looking to staff up? 

The younger generations are the future of hiring, and by understanding and addressing their needs, you’ll have a much easier time staffing up. But if you find yourself in need of support, Inter-Connect can help. To learn more about our staffing services, contact us today!