Calm Your Nerves Before Your Interview With These Four Tips

Nervous for your upcoming interview? You’re not alone! The fear of the unknown is very common, especially among job applicants. You may feel worried about what your interview will be like, what you’ll be asked, and how you’ll do—especially if you really want the job!

Have no fear… you’re going to do just fine. All it takes is some preparation and a few easy tips to calm your nerves.

Try the following to prepare for your next interview:

1. Be prepared.

The more you’re ready to go, the easier it will be to stay confident and avoid interview jitters. This includes knowing where you’re doing (if your interview will be in person) or checking and testing your equipment if it will be by phone or video—for example, make sure your camera works, your phone or laptop are charged, you know how to access the WebEx, etc. Then, choose your interview outfit ahead of time and have it clean, pressed and ready to go. Practice common interview questions and answers so you’ll be ready, and prepare 3-5 questions to ask during the interview.  

2. Plan your day.

What will your day be like when you have your interview? It’s a pretty important event in your life. The best time to schedule an interview is first thing in the morning, when your mind is fresh—so try for that time slot, if you can. Be sure to take the time you’ll need (request off from your current job if you need to) and get a good night’s sleep the night before.  

3. Eat breakfast.

This helps to fuel your brain and prepare you to do your very best. Choose a meal with lean protein and whole grains, such as eggs and whole wheat toast. These types of meals help you stay fuller longer so you won’t be distracted by a rumbling stomach during your interview. If you normally drink coffee to get going, don’t skip it—but keep it to a minimum so you don’t end up jittery.  

4. Exercise.

Working out first thing in the morning can help you clear your head and calm down. Plus, you’ll already feel like you’ve accomplished something for the day. Exercising helps get your blood flowing so you’re ready to do your very best.  

Ready For Your Interview? 

Once you’ve prepared, you can rest easy because you know you’ve set yourself up for success. You can feel good that you’re ready to impress your interviewer! 

But if it doesn’t quite go as planned, that’s OK. There are other jobs out there, and you just need to find the right one. And HireCall can help! If you’re in search of a new job, check out HireCall. We’ll work with you to find a placement in light industrial or office/clerical work. Visit our job page today to learn more!