Four Ways to Use Social Media in Your Next Job Search

In search of your next job? You might be interested to know that most recruiters and hiring managers hang out on LinkedIn. It’s the perfect place to showcase your resume in real time, with the ability to continuously make instant updates. So now that you’re aware, how can you take advantage of LinkedIn (and the rest of social media) to find a new job? 

Here are four ways to find a job using social media. 

Take advantage of the power at your fingertips and use these techniques to get one step closer to your next job: 

1. Update your LinkedIn profile

Add your summary and update your job history. Use keywords that are relevant to your industry. If you’re not sure, check out job posts you’re interested in. Ask for references from your connections. Add a professional profile picture or ask a friend to take one with your phone (you can always apply filters to spruce it up).  

2. Link to the right sites

Depending on your career, you can take advantage of social media channels to share your work and experience. For example, if you’re a videographer or graphic designer, it makes sense to share your work on Instagram. Then, you can add this link to your LinkedIn profile. You might also find followers on Instagram interested in your work.  

3. Network

On LinkedIn, you can connect with anyone—and it can help to choose people in your industry, or people at companies you’d like to work for. You can also ask to connect directly with recruiters and follow company profiles to get updates (like job postings!).  

4. Follow groups

LinkedIn also features groups for just about any topic. Search and find a few related to your job, and then participate in discussions. You might be able to learn about job openings, pick up new ideas or skills, or share valuable information and professional advice with others.  

Need more guidance? 

In your quest to find a new job, it always helps to have an experienced resource in your corner. And that’s just what a recruiter can do to help you! When you work with a recruiter, they’ll learn more about your experience, knowledge and career goals—then help you find a job that matches.  

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