Best Job Search Tips for 2022

2022 job searchIf you’re like many people, you probably made a few resolutions for the New Year. A common one is to find a new job! If this is a resolution you chose, you’ll be happy to know that many employers are currently facing a “war on talent” trying to find the right people to fill open positions. For you, this could mean plenty of opportunity in 2022 to find something new. But where should you get started? 

Best job search tips for 2022 

It always helps when you have a few tricks up your sleeve! Check out these top tips for finding a new job this year: 

Tack on key skills.

One smart way to qualify for more jobs, and higher-level jobs is to increase your skills. This isn’t necessarily as difficult or time-consuming as it sounds. First, check out job descriptions in your field for ideas of where to get started. Are any skills listed that you don’t currently have? Plenty of online courses are available, or depending on the skill, you could work on it by doing research on your own. If it’s a soft skill, like communication, read up on good communication techniques and start practicing them at your current job. Technology skills are huge right now, so take time to learn a program, such as Microsoft Office, become familiar with social media, or just become familiar with using a computer. It all depends on your industry and line of work.  

Check out another industry.

Switching to a different industry could open up different types of jobs for you. Maybe you feel bored in your current industry and need a change of pace. Talk to a recruiter who specializes in an industry you’re interested in to learn how your current skills could be applied and the types of positions that might be open to you.  

Spruce up your LinkedIn profile.

This is the number-one-way recruiters find potential candidates for open job opportunities. Fill in as many sections as you can, and include a professional headshot (if not, it’s amazing how good cell phone cameras and filters are these days!). Reach out to your network for recommendations to add to your page, as well.  

Build your network.

Contact people on LinkedIn, talk to people in different departments where you work, or send your resume to the Human Resources department of companies you’re interested in (even if they don’t currently have anything open). Attend networking events, or business conferences in your niche. Meeting new people and having meaningful conversations is a great way to expand your network and open up opportunities.  

Work with a recruiter 

This is a valuable partnership that can lead to your dream job—you just never know! Find a recruiter in your industry or reach out to HireCall! We specialize in light industrial or office/clerical jobs. You can also visit our job search page to get started today!