Is Your Job Making You Miserable? Signs it Might Be Time to Look for a New Job

If you think about it, you probably spend a large portion of your week at your job. If you do something you enjoy, this is great news! You’re passionate about your work, around people you like, and your day goes by quickly. But what happens if you don’t like your job?

If that is the case, you may find yourself upset every day as you drag yourself through each never-ending hour. No one wants to feel like this, but you may wonder if you’re just having a bad day—or if it’s something more.

Five signs you need a new job

The following are red flags that your job is making you miserable and it may be time to look for something else:

1. Your job is always on your mind.

Yes, your work should be on your mind while you’re working—that goes without saying! But if it’s really upsetting you, this stress and worry can bleed into your hours off the clock. It can disrupt your home life and personal time, and decrease your overall quality of life.

2. You find yourself talking about work—constantly.

When you’re with your work friends when you’re with your significant other when you’re family members… If someone asks how you are, do you find yourself immediately answering something like, “Ugh! I’d be OK if it wasn’t for my job!” You might start to seem like a broken record, but human beings often need to talk it out when something is bothering them. The issue comes when what is bothering us never changes.

3. You don’t have any energy and/or you feel sick.

Problems at work can lead to stress, depression and physical symptoms, such as headaches, stomachaches and more. You may find yourself feeling tired, sick, worn out and just not quite like yourself.

4. You’ve stopped noticing anything good.

Sometimes, when there’s too much negativity to focus on, it outshines any hope of anything positive. If you find yourself ignoring the good things that happen during the day, or not even noticing them, you’ve formed a very negative outlook. And this can be signs that your job is just wearing you down.

5. You’re in a permanent bad mood.

When you’re at work, do you find yourself irritable, grouchy, and quick to snap at your coworkers? These can be signs of your negative attitude, that has developed because you’re feeling burned out at your job.

What should you do?

If any of these signs sound familiar, it’s time to take action. And the good news is, the New Year is the perfect time to do it! Why not resolve to find a new job and help improve your outlook on life?

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