Here’s What Candidates Want to See in Your Job Descriptions

job descriptions

When it’s time to hire for an open position, you’re likely to have a stack of resumes to review. It can be frustrating to scan resume after resume, only to realize that most applicants don’t have the right qualifications.

You can make the most of your efforts by writing a better job description. This way, you’ll help candidates to self-narrow themselves for the position. Of course, you’ll always get a candidate here or there who is under-qualified. But for the most part, writing a more specific job description will make it much easier to find just the candidates you’re in search of.

What to include in a top-notch job description

Not sure what to write? We’ve all been there. Follow these tips to get your job descriptions spot-on, and watch the right resumes come flying in:

Use your selling points.

What are the best parts about working for your company? You want your job descriptions to be attractive, first and foremost. Do you offer special perks or benefits? What makes your company unique? What do you employees say is the best part about working for you? Lead with this information.

Don’t get jargony.

When describing the position, role and responsibilities, use commonly accepted industry terms. Don’t use internal lingo, which is sure to scare off some applicants while confusing others. Be straightforward and explain what the work entails.

Be just specific enough.

List the top qualifications an applicant will need to perform the job, such as education, skills and knowledge. Then, list nice-to-haves that will help an applicant beat out the competition, but are also skills the person would be able to learn if they didn’t already have them.

Include SEO.

Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO helps search engines direct your jobs posts to people who are searching for specific topics. Include important keywords about 4-5 times within the body of your job description (such as the job title) to help it land in the right hands.

Describe your diversity and inclusion policy.

Employees want to know what your corporate culture is like, and that they’ll be welcome into it. Details about your diversity and inclusion practices are keys to opening the application up to everyone and not unconsciously turning away highly qualified candidates.

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