Four Myths about Working with a Staffing Agency

Looking for a new job? You may have started getting your resume together and looking around job sites, such as or While these are great sources of job leads, there’s another valuable resource you may not even have considered—and that’s staffing agencies.

If you’re unsure what it’s like to work with a staffing agency or feel it’s just not for you, take a few moments to learn more about staffing agency myths.

Myth #1: It costs money to work with a staffing agency

Staffing agencies and recruiters are paid by their clients, not the candidates. This means companies pay for recruiters to find qualified candidates who are matched to job opportunities. As the candidate, you simply have direct access through the recruiter to jobs you’re qualified for, but it costs nothing for you to work with a recruiter.

Myth #2: Staffing agencies only offer temp jobs

Temporary jobs are just one of the things on the menu when you work with a staffing agency. It all depends on what an employer is looking for. Job options could be contract positions, direct hire, or temporary-to-permanent, where you have the opportunity to try out a job before it’s offered to you permanently. The bottom line is that staffing agencies are about much more than just temp jobs!

Myth #3: You’ll only find entry-level positions

The truth is, employers are in search of employees at every level of the hiring spectrum. This includes entry-level, but also mid-level and senior positions. It can be difficult to find employees at higher levels because many of them are already employed and not necessarily looking for something new. This means working with a staffing agency makes it easier to find new workers—so long story short, you can find more than entry-level positions from a recruiter.

Myth #4: You’re just a number when you work with a recruiter

Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Recruiters need to find the best-matched placements for their clients to ensure they keep getting more requests for candidates. This means that if you’re qualified for a position they’re trying to fill, a recruiter will work closely with you to understand your qualifications and career goals—making sure you’re just the right match for the job.

So, what do you say?

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